Oof Scholder blouse is a women's scandal

49.00 SAR 99.00 SR


Attractive and comfortable details

Always look for warm and bright details, which will enable you to fully challenges today with enthusiasm and get this distinctive piece of a gynecologist from Fashion and enjoy the strength and softness of modern colors in the color of off, light blue for a bright appearance! Get acquainted with the season of Fashion in bright colors with distinction, to radiance that increases your beauty.

The blouse comes from the Shanna brand, which expresses sophistication and beauty together in all its products

Get an elegant design and a practical material from Fashion

Express your elegance and your distinction with a unique look, combining softness and strength, with a different and distinctive design, from Fashion, available in joyful off -white colors, light blue to flow on every occasion.

Comfortable and practical material

The most important thing that can be seen when purchasing a piece of clothing, and adding it to your closet, along with the different distinctive design, and special details, finding what is related to the materials, so we were keen in Fashion to provide the finest materials to enjoy comfort and flexibility, because they are designed with great accuracy to be practical, in order to help you Glorious without any effort.


  • A piece made of the finest materials.
  • Distinguished design on the latest model.
  • Various colors are suitable for all tastes.
  • Suitable price, and at hand for everyone.
  • Comfort, attractiveness and privacy for a soft and distinctive look.
  • Product number: 20746