Jumpsu, a short sleeve, a short, a wide, spacious, with women's pockets

93.00 SAR 289.00 SR


Get up to exciting brilliance with jumpsuit, shortcut, short, stroke, a wide shorten, with women's pockets. This unique piece is designed with great care to give a aesthetic and feminine touch to your look. It features a short design that highlights the beauty of your body and enhances your elegance. Small -grilled sleeves add a romantic touch, while the pockets add a practical and modern touch. Made of high -quality texture to provide comfort throughout the day. Get now on the jumpsuit, a short sleeve, a large, short, splash, with a spacious gynecologist in black and off colors from Nichii Enjoy a charming and elegant look. Do not miss this opportunity and now ask the Saudi Fashion. Product number: wz851-22Q304