Medi dress classic with thin bras inscribed at the chest - black, white

62.00 SAR 189.00 SR


Design suitable for your elegant taste

Each day with your attractive details, and choose to always be bright, with a Midi dress with a design that fits its length with your body to make you more attractive, without sleeves to give you an attractive appearance when wearing it and a feeling of radiance all the time.

Choose from a wide range of your own dress, the latest Midi dress with a suitable length, wear a classic Midi dress with thin bras with a special day, and enjoy comfort and calm throughout the day, with luxurious materials made with super quality.

The dress comes from a brand Kitschen Where the goal of originality meets the top of modernity, with the incorporation of unique colors, inverted in modern shapes and designs, suitable for all looks.

Soft and attractive colors

Because the colors are primarily responsible for energy, joy and the strength of the presence, your choice of a distinctive color for the dress you put, completes the beauty of the look, especially if it is designed with great care like this piece.

So be sure to acquire the colors that distinguish you, highlight your presence, and fit your skin tone.

Through Fashion, you can find the most beautiful design of the Midi dress, a classic evening, with thin bras in the chest in black, white that suits your taste, and gives you a feeling of happiness.

Light and comfortable materials

The dress is a very suitable and ideal piece if you are looking for comfort in different times, so we directed our care on the Fashion site to choose the best comfortable and high -quality materials from the best international women's brands.

And that the distinctive design equation, along with the excellent material, is a difficult equation, which you achieve with Fashion Brands Various. Guest and vitality with high -quality materials, and flexible complement your look with this distinctive piece.


  • Made of the finest materials.
  • Distinguished design on the latest model.
  • Various colors are suitable for all tastes.
  • Suitable price, and at hand for everyone.
  • The comfort, attractiveness and privacy of the look of the Midi dress without sleeves.
  • Product number: 65-0027