• How can I buy from a Fashion.sa site?
There is nothing easier than purchasing from Fashion.sa, browse the site through the labels, click on the product you want to buy, choose the desired size and click on "Add to shopping bag". The product you chose will appear in your shopping bag and continue shopping through Click on the "Continue shopping" icon, and if you want to register your order, go to the shopping bag again and select "Continue to pay" and follow the simple steps to complete the payment. To request any further assistance or technical issues, please contact us at Care@fashion.sa

• What places can be shipped from Fashion.sa?
Fashion.sa offers its services exclusively to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.


• How much time needed for my order to arrive?
It depend on your location

     - Main Cities it would take from 1- 5 Working Days.

     - Other cities 7-10 Working days

(Due to COVID-19 we maybe facing some delay) 

• How do I know that I have received my order?
When you register your order, you will receive an email to inform you of your order, but this does not mean that the order has been confirmed. If you pay with a payment card, your application will be accepted once the card information is confirmed, the delivery address checked, products selected and shipped, If you have any problem, we will promptly notify you of the order and the amount already paid will be processed.

• How do I change the specified delivery address or date of receiving?
After the Order has been received, we can't change the delivery city but you can coordinate with the shipping company once they contact you to change the address in same city. 


• Can I change or modify the products registered with my application after registering the application?
Currently you can not, but we are developing this service. So follow us regularly to keep up-to-date on our website or through our customer service team on this email Care@fashion.sa.

• What is the return policy of Fashion.sa?
You are allowed to return free of charge one time per order for 7 days after receiving shipment that will be refunded as a store credit if paid by Cash on Delivery, Otherwise it will be refunded to your card. After that you will be charged a fee for each return

• How can I share my views on my shopping experience?
We would like to know all your opinions and suggestions to help us improve our service to you, you can email us at Care@fashion.sa

• Are there customs duties and taxes?
No, all retail prices are inclusive of customs and tax charges.

• What do I do if my product is defective or damaged?
If the product sent to you is damaged or defective, we would like to know. Please make a refund request here within 24 hours of receiving the item with picture of the damaged item.

• How do I know that a product is not available in stock?
A "sold" sign will appear next to the product if this product is out of stock, and in rare cases, the product may be available when you place the order but it is executed while processing the order. In case of such cases, we will notify you.

• is Cash On Delivery Free? 

No, you have to pay 25 SR as delivery fee's 


•is shipping free? 

if your order is over than 350sar your order will be shipped for free, if your order is less than 350sar the shipping fees will be 19 SR