Boy Friend's Long Women - Dark Blue, Light Blue

51.00 SAR 129.00 SR


Simplicity is the basis of elegance

Because simplicity is the basis of elegance, be sure to acquire this distinctive piece, long trousers, ideal for all occasions, if you need a daytime journey, work, or casual in daily looks, and you can formally coordinate them, in its dreamy colors, attractive, dark blue, blue Do not convert to her presence in your wardrobe.

The pants come from a brand Kitschen Where the goal of originality meets the top of modernity, with the incorporation of unique colors, inverted in modern shapes and designs, suitable for all looks.

A stylish modern look

Enjoy wearing a long women's jeans, a modern piece of indispensable, watering it with the different colors of the blazing and shirts through your elegant style, and market all the fashion you need.

The quality of raw materials is the basis of shopping

Shop the high -quality piece, because the quality is always making the difference between a good piece, and makes the difference in the entire look, decorate your day with a comfortable and practical look, you can rely on it on a daily basis, and you will not dictate from it.


  • Pants made of the finest raw materials.
  • Distinguished design on the latest model.
  • Various colors are suitable for all tastes.
  • Suitable price, and at hand for everyone.
  • Attractive for a soft and distinctive look at all times.
  • Product number: 11-0806