Skin shoulder bag and tattoo with a metal loop

134.00 SAR 179.00 SR


Do you need a perfect shoulder bag to enjoy an attractive and sparkling look? Let's help you with that! Skin shoulder bag and tattoo with a metal loop from DalyDress It is the perfect choice for you. This shoulder bag is designed to meet your daily needs. It features an attractive and unique design that adds an aesthetic touch to your look. Made of high -quality leather and deletion, which makes it strong and strong and can use it for many years. The shoulder bag is available in olive and black colors, allowing you to choose from a variety that suits your personal style. The olive color gives a bold and elegant touch, while the black color gives a classic and elegant touch. This shoulder bag features an exciting metal loop that allows you to adjust the length of the belt as you want.

Product number: 260-40-2418-93