Plain jeans shorts with Baddat Waladi

119.00 SAR


Dear customer, if you are looking for a comfortable and modern jeans shorts for your child, then a gentle jeans with Baddat Baladi Gingersenbabs is the perfect choice for you! This shorts features an elegant design and great quality, making it the perfect choice for children who want to feel comfortable and elegant. The shorts are characterized by soft and durable jeans, which bear daily use and excessive movement. The shorts also contain Baddat on the back and front sinuses, which gives it a modern and beautiful touch. These shorts are available in an attractive blue color, a color that suits all tastes and occasions. This shorts can be worn on many occasions, from relaxation at home to go out with friends. With plain jeans shorts with Bidjladdi, your child will feel confident and refresh, which makes him look better than it is.

Product number: bsh0562