Two pieces of fluffy skirts and a texture of the abdomen of my daughters

239.00 SAR


Enjoy the elegance and beauty of your child with a kitchen -tested skirt and a texture blouse from Ginsengsenbab. This kit is characterized by its unique and distinctive design that combines comfort and elegance, which makes it ideal for daily use and special occasions. This group consists of a fluffy skirt and a texture of the texture of my daughter's abdomen with a soft and comfortable fabric for your sensitive child's skin. The kit is also available with a variety of harmonious colors to choose from what suits your taste and your child's style. The tree skirt gives the child a wonderful and elegant shape, and it is designed in a unique way that makes it suitable for all tastes and times. In addition, the Blue Blouse is a daughter's abdomen with a distinctive design that fits with the tree skirt and gives the girl an elegant and modern look.

Product number: GKSKSet01232