Long -sleeve blouse with a striped rubber waist

29.00 SAR 99.00 SR


Children's elegance with a comfortable look

Because comfort is essential for your daughters .. You will find their comfort in the fashion of Fashion in joyful colors and you will receive you without effort.

Get acquainted with your daughter is a comfortable material, which lasts with it throughout the year, at reasonable prices, a long sleeve blossom with a striped rubber waist that provides her freedom and launch, and his feeling of comfort.

The blouse comes from a brand Gingersnaps Overlaught in designing and implementing fashion suitable for children and mothers, with attractive patterns, and comfortable materials

Choose your child the quality you deserve

Keep your child's skin, choose high -quality cotton clothes and help him express himself with all activity and vitality!

Prepare the elegance of your daughter through a piece of clothing with a distinctive design, orange color and coordinating with the children you like.

Comfortable and practical material

The most important thing that can be seen when purchasing a piece of clothing, and adding it to your child's cabinet along with the different distinctive design, and special details, finding the most important thing is what is related to the materials, so we were keen in Fashion to provide the finest materials to enjoy comfort and flexibility, because they are designed with great accuracy to be practical, To help you shine without any effort.


  • A piece made of the finest materials.
  • Distinguished design on the latest model.
  • Various colors are suitable for all tastes.
  • Suitable price, and at hand for everyone.
  • Comfort, attractiveness and privacy for a comfortable and distinctive look.
  • Product number: gpov0069