Baby baby dress, chicken from the chest

74.00 SAR 149.00 SR


Ginsengsnabs offer you a child's infants embroidered with front buttons, which is the ideal product to add warmth and elegance to your little baby. This jacket is characterized by its elegant and modern design, making it ideal for wear on various occasions. Baby baby jacket is engraved with front buttons with many wonderful features that guarantee your child comfort and elegance at the same time. This jacket is characterized by its soft and comfortable fabric on the skin of the child, with a design engraved with front buttons that makes it easy to wear and take off. Baby baby jacket is available in front -to -a -light buttocks, which fits all the tastes of young girls. This jacket can be easily coordinated with any other clothes, making it the primary product in your child's wardrobe.

Product number: IGDR0963