Dress, you are blown 3/4 Midi Women

99.00 SAR 319.00 SR


Imam in the splendor of fashion with a dress with you with a beautiful 3/4 Midi Women's Women from Fashion Saudi Arabia. This distinctive dress is characterized by its elegant and elegant design, with short sleeves and distinctive Medi story. This dress is made very carefully and with high accuracy by Naki, one of the best Brands In the fashion world. The dress has been designed in an attractive pink color to add a touch of femininity and beauty to your look. You will feel comfortable throughout the day thanks to the high -quality fabric used in making this dress. Now get a dress with you, 3/4 Midi Women's Women's Wonderful Women Nichii Add a touch of elegance and femininity to your look. Ask it now Product number: L2966-23Q102