Blins with a long -lived Skinian -high waist

95.00 SAR 119.00 SR


Bring your elegance and get an attractive look with jeans with a long -lived Skinian waist from Mika. This pants are characterized by its modern and ideal design for women looking for comfort and elegance at the same time. It features a Skini story that highlights the beauty of your body and gives you a thinner and tons. This trousers are designed with a high waist to enhance your femininity and give you a sense of confidence and elegance. This distinctive piece is available in light blue and blue colors, which allows you to coordinate it with various fashion and looks. Get now on a long -lived Skinian -high -style jeans from Mica Glow your unique and attractive style. Ask it now via Fashion Product number: MFP0083-21Q107