Midi dress without soft sleeves with a deep chest hole

127.00 SAR 159.00 SR


Dyel in the splendor of fashion with a long -off dress of Sholder Makshesh with the wonderful 3/4 sleeves of the brand of Nakchi. This dress features a distinctive story that gives an attractive feminine touch, it covers the shoulders wonderfully and has an elegant grilled design. This dress is made very carefully from high -quality materials to ensure comfort and elegance at the same time. Thanks to its attractive pink color, this dress will add a touch of vitality and femininity to your look. Glow unparalleled elegance on any occasion with this unique dress. Get now on a long -off dress with 3/4 pink sleeves from Nichii Enjoy elegance and exclusivity all the time, ask him now from Fashion. Product number: wz151