Silk ished a safiz with a church with a long quantity lining

278.00 SAR


Design suitable for your elegant taste

Get a unique and distinctive look with an additional piece that makes the difference in your day, acquire a sacrifice with a ruffle from the highest, not a long -term pockets that enhance your energy and increase your self -confidence, with the best raw materials and the best prices than Fashion.

The abaya comes from a brand Johrh Distinguished in all the details of the abayas, to acquire what it highlights softness and originality within you

Abaya with ruffles from the highest, not a long -term gynecological pockets designed in the latest style to keep pace with all developments in the world of accessories, and the best models, you find it available in many colors, including green to always be sparkling.

Choose your elegance with Fashion

Abaya with ruffles from the highest, not a long -term gynecological pockets with their own elegance, and its distinctive character enhances the charm and brilliance, put the abaya with ruffles from the top not the pockets of long women and complete a beautiful and sparkling look as you are.

A distinctive material that adds to your look

With materials that provide you with comfort, and at the best costs, try now the fun shopping with Fashion, shine your special elegance, with a unique taste that does not resemble anything, and a comfortable material to choose the bold colors that suit you.

In Fashion, all our attention provides you with the finest materials, and with modern and modern designs!

The most important thing that can be seen when you buy a savage abaya from the highest, not the pockets of a long women's sleeve and add it to your wardrobe, along with the different distinctive design, and special details, finding what is related to the materials, so we were keen in Fashion to provide the finest raw materials to enjoy comfort, because they are designed with great accuracy, To help you shine without any effort.


  • A piece made of the finest materials.
  • Distinguished design on the latest model.
  • Suitable price, and at hand for everyone.
  • Comfort, attractiveness and privacy for a soft and distinctive look.
  • Product Number: 10540