Short women shorts with buttons from the front

199.00 SAR


Choose comfort and softness

Shop now from Fashion, and your child's awareness enjoy relaxing in a soft and comfortable internal dress that helps you to sleep calm, just get a short women's shorts with buttons from the front, providing her with comfort during the day or at bedtime, you can rely on it all the time, shop it only from Fashion .

The Hot Short comes from a brand Parfois Portuguese, the latest designs, and materials for a distinct look on all occasions

Design provides you with relaxation

The interior dress with a simple and gentle design in white, purple, pink and orange can wear it and listen to comfort at home, because the quality of the design and the accuracy of manufacturing get it only from Fashion.

Warm and calm color

This distinctive color reflects the softness and relaxation to wear and coordinate it in your day to get the best home view.


  • A piece made of the finest materials.
  • Distinguished design on the latest model.
  • Various colors are suitable for all tastes.
  • Suitable price, and at hand for everyone.
  • Comfort, attractiveness and privacy for a soft and distinctive look.
  • Product Number: 190186