Midi Klush transparent women's skirt

47.00 SAR 159.00 SR


Midi Klaush's transparent women's skirt is a women's transparent Kitschen One of the best skirt designs available on the market today. It is an elegant and attractive skirt characterized by its unique and distinctive design that combines elegance and comfort in wearing. This skirt is characterized by a cloth design, which is characterized by its gradual expansion from the waist to the footnote, which gives you more freedom in your movement and gives you a sense of comfort throughout the day. The skirt is also characterized by attractive transparency that gives your look a touch of gravity and femininity. Midi Klaush's transparent women's skirt is available from Kitschen In different colors, including pink and white. You can choose the color that fits your taste and fits your look. The Midi Klush skirt is a transparent women's Kitschen It is the perfect choice for women who want to get an attractive and modern look. Get it now!

Product number: 66 -0006