My daughter's embroidered hat

20.00 SAR 59.00 SR


The embroidered ginsenjabs hat is a unique and cheerful piece that meets the elegant and comfortable needs of your children. Its wonderful and contemporary design is suitable for all your child's clothes, and keeps her comfort while playing and moving. The embroidered hat is available in Ginsengsnabis in a beautiful blue color, which gives the appearance of the girl a touch of gravity and aesthetic. This hat is characterized by its high quality and durability, as it is made of high -quality materials that guarantee you a long and long -lasting product. This embroidered hat is suitable for girls who want a charming and distinctive look, as they give them a touch of elegance and beauty. This hat is also an ideal gift for girls between the ages of 3 to 10 years. Do not hesitate to get this beautiful embroidered hat from Ginsengsnabs for your elegant child.

Product number: Aghat0028