The kitchen kitchen sets are two girls' pieces

29.00 SAR

Girls always shine with their distinctive and dazzling looks, but with a set of hair accessories from Ginsengsenbab, their look will be completely and impressive. This kit is characterized by a unique and wonderful design that adds a distinctive aesthetic touch to girls' hair, in addition to that it is made of high -quality and safe materials for hair health. This kit contains two pieces of distinctive accessories, as it includes a piece of hair pin with an attractive and wonderful design, and a piece of hair clip decorated with glossy and beautiful beads. Through this kit, girls will be able to decorate their hair in a distinctive and attractive way, and turn their look into elegant and impressive. The two -piece hair accessories set for Ginsengsnabs comes with a range of multiple colors, allowing girls to choose from several different options that suit their style and clothes.

Product number: Aigha01042