Waladi shorts in pockets

129.00 SAR


Ginsengsnabis offers her children children shorts and gentlemen of pockets, as it is the perfect choice to give comfort and elegance to your child in hot days. This shorts feature multiple and spacious pockets to save all the purposes of your little child, and it also comes with a smooth and comfortable design to provide freedom of movement and breathing to the child. This shorts are available in an attractive blue color and consistent with all your child's clothes, and can be worn with T -shirt and sneakers for a comfortable modern look, or with a polo shirt and classic shoes for more formal occasions. This shorts are characterized by its high quality and durability, as it is manufactured from the best cotton materials to ensure comfort and high quality. Its design also includes characteristics that make it easy to wear and fully, which facilitates the process of changing diapers and maintaining a child's hygiene and health.

Product number: bksh05772