Plain pants, my children, with side pockets

70.00 SAR 129.00 SR


The newborn ginsenagabis features its elegance and superior comfort, it is specially designed to provide the maximum comfort for newborns. Bladi's plain trousers come with side pockets with a simple and attractive design, with accurate details that make him stand out from other children's pants. This wonderful pants are characterized by side pockets, which makes it very practical, as it can be used to save some of the small purposes that the child or mother needs, such as diapers and paper napkins, and others. It is also made of high -quality and soft materials on the child's skin, and it is characterized by the ability to extend it to suit the movement of the child, which makes it comfortable to wear all the time. This wonderful trousers are available in a beautiful blue color, making it ideal for daily use, suitable for all tastes and patterns.

Product number: BPA0533