Girl's blouse engraved text of the abdomen of the text of how much

55.00 SAR 159.00 SR


The Benati Blouse is characterized by a text of the text of the number of Jinsnjenebabs as it is made of the finest and comfortable fabrics of your little baby's skin. This blouse is characterized by being designed in a distinctive and attractive way, as they are adorned with quiet and distinctive patterns that give it unparalleled beauty and elegance. This blouse is available in a wonderful white color that is in line with all your child's looks, and it features a simple design suitable for all tastes and times. This blouse is characterized by its multi -use, as it can be worn on many occasions, including official celebrations and small family events, and even in simple family outputs. This blouse is characterized by a design that is suitable for all sizes and ages, as it can be obtained in many different sizes to suit all children.

Product number: GBL1532