T -shirt is embroidered with flowers.

93.00 SAR 129.00 SR


You need a distinctive and attractive daughter T -shirt? We can offer you a roses -embroidered T -shirt. This T -shirt is suitable for children and is available in a beautiful purple color. This T -shirt is characterized by fine details and great careful embroidery. The embroidery that covers the top of the T -shirt gives a thin and feminine touch, and it features an attractive amount that gives a special touch to the T -shirt. This T -shirt is manufactured from high -quality materials and comfortable to wear, making it perfect for children who love to play and enjoy their time. This t -shirt can be worn on special occasions or can be worn on normal days, making it ideal for diversity. These t -shirts are available in a beautiful purple color suitable for all seasons, and can be coordinated with jeans or skirts.

Product number: GBL1544