Dotted Moroccan -Moroccan shoes

65.00 SAR 95.00 SR


Sleeping a classic look

When choosing a distinctive classic appearance, the most important element is to choose the simple, comfortable details of the eye, we designedDotted Moroccan -Moroccan shoes At appropriate costs and high -quality materials, with a simple design, to suit all tastes and in line with different looks in different colors.

The shoe comes from the Diamantin brand in distinctive summer colors, and interrelated details, made with poetry for an integrated artistic painting, which you can rely on on all your occasions

Neutral colors for fast harmony

This color is a neutral color for the shoe, so we were keen to provide a red, pink, beige, blue, light brown, black, orange brown brown, orange, white and beige, which is easy to coordinate with the rest of the other colors, such as dark blue, light, white and beige, and with different grades of gray , And black adds an attractive appearance to the look, and reflects luxury and ancient.

Figure shoes with the finest materials

We are keen to bring the best raw materials to give your feet, as it helps to comfortably ventilate Inside, elegant look from the outside.


  • - The lining of the shoe is comfortable.
  • - The shoe floor is shock resistance while walking.
  • - Its price is very suitable, and at hand for everyone.
  • Luxurious style designed, with high material quality.
  • Product Number: hr1wg8i