A long, engraved dress with you a short blown

89.00 SAR 259.00 SR


Imam in the splendor of the fashion with a long, engraved dress with a short blown swollen of the Mika brand. This dress combines elegance and comfort at the same time, as it is characterized by its distinctive and amazingly polished design that gives a magic touch to your look. Available in black and blue colors, giving you two varied options for an elegant look that attracts attention. This dress comes with a long story that adds a touch of elegance and sophistication, as well as the short blown sleeves that add a wonderful feminine touch. This dress is made with the utmost accuracy and attention to ensuring quality and durability. Now ask for this upscale dress and prepare for a charming look at any occasion. Ask now via Fashion Saudi Arabia and enjoy an unparalleled elegance! Product number: ml0202-22Q305