Midi skirt, two layers, a medium belt, the upper layer of embossed chiffon

29.00 SAR 169.00 SR


Imam in the splendor of the fashion with a two -layer Medi skirt, a medium belt, and the upper layer of chiffon engraved from the brand of Naki. This skirt is characterized by its elegant and modern design that combines elegance and comfort at the same time. The upgraded chiffon is characterized by unique details that give an aesthetic touch to the look. The average belt comes with the skirt to give an elegant and specific end to the waist. Available in attractive colors of light and black blue, this skirt will add a touch of elegance and femininity to your look. Ask now and give yourself a charming look with a two -layer Midi skirt and a medium belt and the upper layer of embossed chiffon. Product number: SD718-21Q202